Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Water lilies

I am a bit lost without my computer (it's still in the computer hospital) as all my photos are saved on there. Today though I found some pictures of water lilies taken during our last visit to Beyeler Museum in Riehen, Basle. These lilies refer to a large tableau of Monet hanging in the museum. 
Our friend Ina told us, that the flowers bloomed in white when the museum opened.
 As time went by, they changed color and now they are pink.


Hope your day tastes pink and sweet today, too!

Emilie's daughter

photos by me

BTW: I found the following picture on Pinterest and  like it a lot:


  1. Good morning Christa,
    Lovely photos of water lilies (roses)! i love them. I noticed , on my resent visit to the garden centre, that they are selling them there.. they have them in buckets for you to take home to your pond. I dont have a pond..but i can believe it would look like a monet garden if one had one.
    Hope your computer gets fixed soon. Make sure they copy all your data. A couple of years ago, i didnt keep my photos on a hard disk and lost over 2.000 photos of my family and grandchildren and my own..
    happy day to you

  2. Christa, Seerosem sind ganz meines und wenn mein Vater sein Gartenteich voll damit ist, bin ich ganz glücklich! Das letzte BILD ist ja großartig......welch schöne Idee auf für eine Taufkarte. LG tanja

  3. I love the waterlilies, they are awesome and bring back lovely memories of the small lakes in Indiana. Those stone foot prints are so creative, love it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. It is always a pleasure.
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  4. Die sind wirklich wundervoll und sie duften z.T. auch einfach so unglaublich gut!

    Und danke für deinen lieben Kommentar bei den Küchenaccessoires :)

    Liebe Grüße

  5. So sorry it is taking a time to repair your computer. Your photographs of water lilies is so lovely, we have a garden closeby that has a wonderful display I wonder if I have left it to late this year to visit.
    Have you seen the other photographs of Stone Footprints by Scottish photographer Iain Blake? I came across them a while ago I love the titles he has given them too the one above is called "Follow my Leader".
    Sarah x

  6. Great that you add Monet to your article.


  7. Those water lillies are beautiful, they have a wonderful color. I always wanted to have a pond to grow them in. Could you smell the scent from afar?

  8. Wonderful, I love the feet :-).
    Lovely hugs

  9. The water lilies look so cool and such pretty colours, those little feet are cute.

  10. I love the photos Christa
    they are so pretty.

    I am hoping that your computer is now fixed (?)

    I have emailed you so hope you get it!

    Have a great Wednesday