Monday, September 24, 2012

Countryside - Shabby chic

 On our walk yesterday we passed this barn and when we got closer the barn was open and invited us to this... it was early in the morning and I rubbed my eyes. Was I dreaming?

All goodies I would have like to pack in our rucksack and then display them in garden, apartment, balcony... I surely would have found the right places for them... don't you think so too?
Anybody can walk in although the shop is only open in the afternoon when the weather is nice. I guess  there is some kind of surveillance even though I did not see it.  There were many more articles - unfortunately I missed to photograph the whole room. 

Further on our way, we passed a house whose owners had passionately and pleasantly 
decorated their courtyard. I must share it with you:

Now I know what to do with our old cups... 
and perhaps the same applies to you!

Lovely and sweet Monday everyone!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics via me

PS. I am on a stay-cation at the moment - 
so please forgive me for being absent on your blogs - 
I will catch up as much as possible


  1. What a nice discovery!!!

    Happy monday!
    ♥ Franka

  2. Lovely things! Some people just have a knack for putting things together beautifully.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Lots of good ideas, Christa! We are in the process of buying a town house in Italy, with a lovely patio area at the back and two flat roof areas (terraces) with plenty of scope with being creative with plants. You just gave me lots of ideas, for displaying my cacti,which I have a lot of, in Italy.
    Another lovely post. Thank you, Christa!



  4. Christa what a lovely discovery, yes I would like a couple of those gorgeous storm lanterns and quite a few other things.Thanks for sharing. Annie x

  5. Very nice pictures! I really like these places! Cool decorating ideas!
    Wish you a great week my dear!

  6. Hihi Christa,
    ich hoffe du hast "ALLES" mitgenommen :)
    Was für ein schöner Laden!
    Die Idee mit den Kaffeetassen ist wirklich schön!
    Happy Week!

  7. Dear Christa.
    What a great surprise you had upon seeing all these super super old shabby chic buckets and trays and all sorts.
    Some super ideas.. I have a couple of little buckets around.. i will put the little cactai in them..
    A beautiful garden all decorated. The swiss know how to do that so so well.
    happy days..
    val xxx

  8. Hi Christa,
    That's a wonderful post filled with ideas. In fact, you have inspired me to do my own post later today.
    Thanks...enjoy the day.

  9. That barn is such a find--I want half the things I see!

  10. So nice with a shop in the barn. Lovely pictures.


  11. Toll, so ein schönes Lädeli grad so in der Nähe zu haben :))))

  12. What delights to find on your morning walk!
    Sarah x

  13. Your walk was full of surprises! I love the style of Swiss country homes, with balcony all around and often red geraniums:) Maybe a little late for them now. So many lovely items in the barn shop.
    I love the idea of putting small plants in old tea cups. That garden was lovely too.
    Hope you are enjoying your stay-cation.....a good idea to have a break sometimes.
    Best wishes, Betty

  14. Le tue fotografie fanno sognare!! Complimenti!! felice giornata a te...ciao