Saturday, September 1, 2012

Remembering delicious recipes

I collect recipes and have a huge box where I keep them. I tag them with "meat, fish, vegetable, fruits, sweets etc. From time to time I take the box on my lap and browse through the recipes. When I see something tempting and suiting the season, I take it out and pin it in the empty frame hanging in the kitchen. That way I remember what to cook and in addition I think it looks nice too. Tomorrow evening tomatoes stuffed with rice and lenses, are on the menu.
 A vegetarian meal to look forward to!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

Bobbi of The lazy designer allowed me to use her picture to welcome September. Beautiful!


  1. Hmm, die Chills sehen lecker aus! Liebe Gruesse Stefanie

  2. That's a great idea, I keep mine in a clear holder but I do like your idea a lot.

  3. The empty frame in the kitchen is one of the most original ideas i've seen in quite a long time! I love it!
    The picture for September is magical!
    Have a nice weekend and a happy month! :)

  4. Guten Morgen Christa,
    eine schöne Idee ist das mit dem Rezeptbild!
    Es dauerte etwas bis ich dahinter kam, was an dem Rezept so anders ist!
    Es ist auf deutsch geschrieben :)
    Ich bin soooo ans Englische auf deinem Blog gewöhnt, das es mir spanisch vorkam ;-)
    Leider ist mein englisches Geschreibsel nicht so toll, aber sprechen und lesen kann ich es ziemlich gut!
    Aber man (Frau) muß ja nicht alles gut können!
    Das September-Begrüßungsbild ist der Hammer, SEUFZ!!!!
    die den Herbst sooooooo liebt!

  5. wonderful idea...I cook very simple things (and I am a vegetarian ) and I don't have time to dedicate to cooking so often. I love baking, it's relaxing. Thanks for the link back!

  6. Nice recipe!Love cooking and making cakes,cookies etc,thanks for your lovely comment my friend!Have an amazing September!!

  7. What a great idea, a recipe box frame! I seem to be keeping my recipes on my computer, this is much prettier for special ones. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  8. That's a great idea Christa

    I keep mine in the kitchen drawer
    and then forget all about them!

    Wishing you a lovely month of September

    x Fiona

  9. What a great idea, I pull out recipes put them in a folder and then forget them so I must try this!
    Sarah x

  10. Nice! Like that idea very much :)

    Have a nice sunday!
    Anne :)

  11. Wow beautiful idea!!! you have a lovely blog!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. What a great idea, lovely images and post. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week ahead.