Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am not a big fan of wallpaper - but some I like. For instance the wallpaper in my son's room. Well it is not exactly a wallpaper, it is a drawing on old bed sheets he once did at school for the scenery of a theater play. I sewed the sheets together and ever since then they hang on one of the walls in his room:

I just love it!

Below is the the wallpaper in my bedroom
I had posted about it here.

Hereafter I am showing you some wallpaper I wouldn't mind decorating my apartment with:


Maybe a bit black but like a painting...

For the kitchen?

Not for my whole life but for some time - yes!

The right subject for a queen like me...

Definitely love, love, love that blue and how it looks worn-out...

A shower like in a French castle... yes for me!
Definitely my style

Thursday again??? 
Why does time fly to so quickly?

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics 1-5 by me
pics 6-9 by 


  1. The painting in your sons room is so great.


  2. Your son's painting is wonderful, and the others are such fun!

  3. Hej Christa,
    die Krone ist definitiv für mich :)))))
    Tolle Tapeten.
    Das Zimmer deines Sohnes schaut mit dieser Tapete auch toll aus. Coooooole Idee!
    Ich habe Wochenende!!!!!!
    Happy Day!

  4. Some great and clever inspiration here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely day,

  5. The painting in your sons room is so great!!Also the others to!Thanks for sharind dear!
    Wish you a lovely Friday!

  6. I love the painting in your son's room. Great collection of images. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a great post! Your son is a wonderful artist and such a great idea to use this art on his wall. I love the idea that you can transport yourself to a different place in this way, especially with a sheet or poster which can easily be changed for something different when you feel like it.
    Thanks for sharing Christa.

  8. The boys ... so artistic personalities! It is really wonderful ... I wonder what issues may have the theatre play to combine nature with the office, reading, work ...You must very proud ! I liked the last photo !

  9. I have something little, something from my heart !

  10. Congrats on your award from Olympia. You deserve it.

    Love the painting. It is brilliant

    I hope you have a great weekend Christa

    Fiona x