Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So glad....

... the American people voted for him!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

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  1. Me too!

    Fiona x

    ps where have you been?
    Missed you

  2. Reading your title, I feel you have given him your support.


  3. We're pretty happy too! Ecstatic describes a lot of us!

  4. Hej Christa,
    ich bin auch sehr froh über seine Wiederwahl!!!!
    Wo hast du denn gesteckt?

  5. Hear, hear Christa - hope you are alright.

  6. You have lost !How are you ? I hope well !
    I vote him me too , I stayed in front of TV
    until 2:30 in the morning for the results !

  7. A great picture of a great man.
    I was about to send and e to you today.
    Great to see you.
    I would have put all my money on him.
    like Olympia i was in front of the tv ..until 1 then fell asleep. woke up and said..i hope its Obama..
    nice to see you..
    big hugs.
    val x x x x

  8. I do not envy his job ahead. Great picture

  9. I am very pleased too – I stayed up till 2 am to watch the results. I was surprised at how much he won over the Republicans. My state of Georgia, unfortunately, voted in favor of Romney but it was a very small margin – maybe next time they will be more liberal.

  10. Wishing him wisdom as he attempts to lead in very difficult times, but I must add that I don't think the American people voted for him. The electoral vote, yes, but not the people.
    Thx for sharing.

  11. Sorry to disturb Marcia's belief from The Shop Around the Corner’s, above, but the last time I saw the popular vote (the American people vote) the tally was 61,173,739 or 50.5% to Obama to 58,167,260 for Romney, and more votes are coming up, mostly for Obama – so he did win the popular vote.

  12. Yes, he won the popular vote, but not by much - I would say that a little more than half of the country voted for him, and a little more than half voted against him. And it's clear that he was taken aback by it, because the day after the election commented on it - almost half of the country did not want him back - that's a big split in the nation.

    On one hand, I know that government programs will continue for the less fortunate, and I know some people who will benefit, so I'm glad for their sakes. On the other, tax money pays for this, and it isn't possible to balance the budget without tightening up on spending. It is impossible that any Democrat can ever balance the budget. Romney, as a businessman has proved that he's up to it, and I would have liked to see him get the chance.

    It's very interesting to me how many people from other countries are glad Pres. Obama was re-elected - in fact, it's amazing! However, that doesn't alter the fact that I really like your blog, Christa! ;)

  13. I meant that a little *less* than half voted against him! :)

  14. Anche io avrei votato per lui!! buona serata...ciao

  15. Hello: I was reading Val's post when I happened to see your blog in her sidebar. I as an american citizen was so happy to see your take on the election that we just had in the US. I have read most of your comments too and I would like to thank you and say thay He did win the election, and popular vote, by quite a large margin. It's funny that in this country we don't hear a lot of praises after the election, mostly we hear how horrible it was that the other guy didn't win. I'm telling you that the horrible thing would have been if he had won. We, as a country, would have been in big trouble. President Obama has brought this country back from the edge, there is a long way to go, but he is on the right track. A very kind and smart man. I thank you for your support..Happy Friday..Judy