Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snow, my first film and St. Nicholas Day

This wreath is not yet finished. I have to add more lights also in the back - so far I haven't managed. It is definitely a project for the next weekend.

Hereafter my first movie. ;o) It was snowing so wonderfully I had to hold on to it with my cam. 
First I had to consult google how to film. Therefore please forgive it's shortness and the bad timing of the music. I shall try again next time it snows!

It's St. Nicholas Day today and we shall have some friends over. 
 I will bake the traditional "Grittibänz" in the afternoon.
First I must rush to work - I hope St. Nicholas does not catch me on the way!

So when I am not posting tomorrow you know where I am...

I hope I could bring some of my happiness to you!

 Emilie's daughter 


  1. A beautiful white festive post - if we do not get snow, I now feel I have enjoyed yours - thank you.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and I enjoyed your little video - something magical about seeing the first snow especially with those beautiful buildings. Your wreath in the last post is gorgeous - it's really put me in the Christmas mood!

  3. Nothing to forgive! It's a little bit of magic - thank you!

  4. Best wishes for St. Nicholas day. How wonderful to see the snow Christa..
    your little video is super and the music too..well done.
    To me, the snow in Switzerland is always whiter.
    happy thursday

  5. This little video is magic ! I loved your balcony !
    I wish to you a happy day and I hope to will be soon at home !

  6. Delightful...The city looks so romantic in the snow. I'm just learning about St.Nicholas Day....another holiday to add to the season.

  7. I loved your video and the snow it fells so Chrismassy. Hope you had a good St Nicholas Day. As a child growing up in Germany I remember putting my shoes for St Nicholas Day but I don't remember seeing or tasting a Grittbanz.
    Sarah x

  8. Christa,
    your short film made me smile : )

  9. The pictures of your terrace are beautiful. I love your film, and the music was perfect--I felt like I was watching the introduction to a full length movie!

  10. Hello Christa

    You home and neighbourhood looks even more special in a snowstorm. Congratulations on your first video - it captures the scene.

    Have St. Nocholas

    Helen xxx

  11. It all looks so pretty, but it must be very cold.

  12. The video is great I will have to learn how to do that.