Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two minutes...

ago I saved my pansies from being completely and utterly covered with snow...

and in two minutes that is what I will do...

This was a shy comeback. Thanks for all your e-mails and comments. I had run out of steam for posting and blogging or anything to do with computers! Slowly it comes back though!

Enjoy your evening (but please not with ironing!).

Emilie's daughter

PS. Olympia I will contact you!


  1. I was so surprised to see your post come up on my reading list and delighted. I have been thinking about you over the last few weeks. I'm so glad that it has only running out of steam with computers that has kept you away. Take care.
    Sarah x

  2. Lovely flowers and welcome back. Here it's snowing and very cold.


  3. Dear Christa,welcome back!I'm so happy to see you again in our blogland!Here we do'nt have snow!!
    Have a woderful week !

  4. So lovely to see you popping up again Christa - you have been missed. When you run out of steam it is wise to take a break, but glad you decided to come back.

  5. Dear Christa.
    We all run out of steam. Sometimes we need a rest.
    great to see your post.
    Amazing how the pansies can survive the snow.
    I dont iron! have another two hands that does that.

    Great to see you.
    have a great evening.

    We have a new pope.. Francis lst.. I watched it all on tv.
    big hugs val xxxx

  6. Hello dear Christa--So nice to see you!

  7. So glad you are on your way back, must still be so cold.

  8. My dear Christa...

    I really miss your lovely, enthusiastic comments! You are such a warm, lovely, loving kind of person and so full of fun!
    Blogging is time consuming, especially when you do it daily. I couldn't do that and keep it up. With my food blog and step by step instructions, every post does take a whole day to put together. It's the reason why I'm posting less frequently.

    When we start spending most of the time in our new town house in Italy (in a few weeks) I will get enthusiastic again and will home so much to share with my blogging friends.

    In fact, I am very grateful to those (one in particular) who have been close to me, during my week long illness and consequent depression. I am getting better... I just miss things and people!

    I send you all my love and will answer your email later, my darling Christa!

    PS: we still have snow here... it gets me down! The woman in the picture is doing what I do: watches TV whilst ironing. I really HATE ironing!


    Your friend


  9. Dear Christa, Good to see you back again. I have felt the same as you at times. Hope the cold days are soon over and that you can enjoy the springtime and some warm breezes.

  10. Ι am releived !!!Welcome back !

  11. Glad your back I will skip the ironing. Love the pansies

  12. Welcome back! I think a lot of us have felt the same about blogging. Life gets busy and there's so much energy to go around. I'm coming back as well. Yes, shy at first..:-)
    It's so great to come and visit you again.

  13. I'm glad you saved the pansies and it is so nice to see you! I know about the running out of steam thing. I have that problem too. I've been taking it slow and it seems to be getting better. I was thinking about you yesterday and was happy to see you had posted.

  14. Welcome back! There are times when Simply Giving In is exactly the right thing to do (even though you are missed). Energy sometimes returns with the Spring - it will come..