Saturday, April 27, 2013

A wonderful evening...

... unfortunately without photos! I wanted to take pics of the menu but while talking, discussing and listening and laughing I forgot all about it!  
Just a shot of the aperitif and a few photos of dessert. 
I shall show you the dessert pics tomorrow and reveal the recipe too!

I hope you are in the sunshine - here it is a foggy, dreary Saturday but I am smiling anyway!

Emilie's daughter ♥ 

pics via me


  1. It all looks very beautiful, and the aperitif delicious. Look forward to seeing the desserts.

  2. Your table looks so lovely Christa.
    I can imagine your aparif's very tasty.
    I spoke to Nina this morning.. she is so fed up with the weather.
    We have just had a sismo.. 4.1 on the richter.. its an awful feeling. I have a light head now.
    It rumbles like deep deep thunder under the earth, and as it approaches its a terrible experience..
    Having a glass of wine now.
    happy day..
    cant wait to see your menu and desserts.
    love valx

  3. What a pretty room, hope you had a great evening!

  4. Dear Christa,what a lovely decoration!!I love the olive tree on the table!!I'm sure you had a great time!!Waiting for the desserts!!!Have a lovely Sunday!