Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayview Hotel...

When we were in Scotland we had a wonderful lunch at the Mayview Hotel. 
It's called like that because one can see the Isle of May off shore.
The friendly owner told us that lunch will only be served till 2.30 pm as in the evening they will be catering for a wedding.

The place cards of the wedding guests were tied on a cage as seen above.
I had never seen this but thought it to be a pretty idea!

Next picture shows the wedding church with a wonderful view towards the sea.

My son Moritz did not want to talk or even think about weddings! 
He silently enjoyed the view! Love will catch him too - I promise!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. I knew that was Scotland as soon as I saw the first house - and what a charming idea to place the names on little hearts tied onto the cages.
    Moritz may be looking out onto the distant horizon, but his view will most likely be interrupted in the near future by some fair damsel.

  2. Such a pretty idea for a Wedding table. Men usually have no interest in Weddings until they have to take interest in their own!The views from the church must be amazing looking out to sea.
    Sarah x

  3. Oh I would SO love to visit Scotland! What you show in these pictures looks like my perfect wedding! The church, the decor, the location. I love this post! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog today.

  4. Dear Christa,what a lovely post!Very beautiful idea for a wedding in Scotland!It's my daughters dream!Her boyfriend is from Scotland!Maybe one day!!Your pictures are amazing!And i would love to taste all the foods from that menu!!!!Thank you for sharing!!Have a wonderful week!

  5. It sounds dreamy to get married in Scotland ! What a great idea the cage !
    Your images are stunning, I'm planning to revisit Scotland this summer, I hope I can realize it !
    Happy May Day ! Love, olympia

  6. I love thinking of a marriage in Scotland in that beautiful church with a view of the sea- lovely!

  7. It looks all very romantic.


  8. What a great idea the cage was .
    You took great photos Christa.
    It looks bleak ..would love to have seen inside the church.
    Moritz, will be bowled over one day. Some sweet girl will catch his heart.
    happy days Christa.
    val x