Thursday, May 2, 2013

A balcony before thunderstorm...

This afternoon we had a bit of sun but within 
a few minutes the sky darkened and it started to pour with rain!

Just before I had taken these photos! I am so proud of my tulips! I think they look awesome...

The basket with the basil was a present from our dear friend Maja - just what I love!

Meanwhile it stopped raining and I am hoping for some sun tomorrow...
 after all hope dies last...

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. It seems ages since we have seen a picture of your lovely balcony. You always make it look so different, I love the colour of your tulips.
    Sarah x

  2. Aren't you a bit afraid that your pots would fly away during a storm? Tulips are very fascinating flowers.


  3. What a charming balcony! I love it! And the tulips are beautiful! thank you for sharing it

    Marina from Jerez

  4. Your balcony is lovely !I liked the basket with basilic ! I never grew up basilic ... I tried so many times but after a few days is dead !!!Here there is a saying that when woman has boys the basilic never grow up ! Why ? Because the boys -men are the kings !!!Ι did not believe until I tried to grow up the basilic ...and now I believe it !!!

  5. Your balcony is very cosy and romantic:) I like the basket!

  6. Your tulips are lovely, looks like a nice space for a glass of wine.

  7. Such a pretty balcony--the buildings across from you are lovely. What a charming scene!

  8. Lovely balcony impressions!

    ♥ Franka

  9. Your balcony is full of spring! I can smell the basil from here.
    Thanks so much for passing by and commenting : )

    Enjoy a lovely weekend

  10. Your balcony looks so nice and the tulips are stunning, love the colour.
    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  11. Dear Christa - you always make your balcony look so appealing and attractive - it really invites the onlooker to share a seat.

  12. Dear Christa,what a beautiful view you have from your balcony!I love your tulips!And your basilic looks great!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Oh the flowers are so pretty. Are they little olive trees in the pots. A lovely place to watch the world go by. Have a lovely weekend

  14. Lovely cushions!