Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pro Specie Rara market, Reisetomate, Pansparago and summery weather at Dimi's

Last Sunday I visited the seed and seedling market of Pro Specie Rara foundation. Pro Specie Rara was established in 1982 with the aim of rescuing, protecting and preserving traditional species and kinds of farm animals, crops, fruit and vegetables to ensure that they do not die out.
It took place in the wonderful setting of Elfenau Park here in Berne. I was there quite early in the morning when not yet many people had arrived and the sky was still grey. It was amazing to see all the traditional flowers, vegetables and herbs! Like all the other visitors I could not resisting buying some plants for our balconies and garden. For instance I bought a seedling for "Reisetomate" or traveler tomato. It's name is due to the ability to rear it apart a piece at a the time withougt having to use a knife. Hereafter a photograph by google. I hope will look the same!

Continuing my last post I am happy to publish the recipe the recipe for the Pansparago:
Baking tin about 30 cm length, 1 kg asparagus (white and green), 1 toast bread (about 30 cm long), 50 g butter melted, 2 large eggs, 2 dl full fat cream, 80 g parmesan freshly grated, salt, pepper, nutmeg
Peel the asparagus, blanch so that they are still crunchy, put them in icy cold water in order to prevent further cooking. Line the baking tin with the toast slices (bottom and sides). Butter the toast with the melted butter. Fill in the asparagus (dry them beforehand so that the bread doesn't get soaked). Mix together the eggs, cream, parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg, also add the remaining butter. Pour over the asparagus. Bake in the preheated oven for about 40-50 minutes at a temperature of  200°C.

It is delicious with a fresh salad and a vinaigrette.
Once again the weather is miserable and nasty and the weather forecast is not good at all. If  this applies also to where you live have a look at Dimi's blog. The atmosphere of her latest post will take you out of the weather misery and set you into summer mood!
♥ Emilie's daughter 
pics by me/tomato pic by google


  1. Beautiful house, beautiful market and wonderful recipe. What else can I ask?


  2. What a delightful way to spend a Sunday. I'm in love with the fucshia topiary tree.

    The asparagus looks delicious.....pretty luncheon dish.

    We have early mist which will burn off.....sunny days...I hope you get some soon.

  3. Τhis market must be very interesting to visit and your recipe is a tentation!Yes, here we have sunny days at this moment we have 32 Celcius but to be honnest I'm not very glad with that because it's too early for such hot days...I hope your seeds have a big success!

  4. I loved looking at these photographs. What wonderful plants. I have been plant shopping today too so it made me smile. The house is amazing! We don't have anything like that here in the UK. Beautiful. And the asparagus meal looks delicious. I shall try it! CT x

  5. Hello Christa

    This dish looks delicious and I will save it. Your images of the market are beautiful. Love seeing the customers.

    Helen xx

  6. Asparagus is my husband's favourite - I've printed off the recipe and will treat him! The tomato is amazing! M x

  7. That is a great recipe - thank you so much - it looks easy to make and yet so professional - it contains all the things I love too. I expect when asparagus is not in season you could use your reisetomates?
    Lovely seed and plant market, so much more interesting to see and buy things that have some heritage to them.

  8. Hi Christa! I DO love your asparagus dish... it looks incredibly delicious and so easy to make! The market is the kind of place where I could spend a lot of time (and money!) looking at and buying plants!

    That tomato looks funny, like a kind of Elephant Man of the tomato world, doesn't it?

    I already saw Dimi's post... the images are very evocative and just beautiful! I do wish I were there, rather than here! It's cold and gray, outside and I am fed up with it!



  9. Dear Christa,what a beautiful house!!!And in the market you can find so beautiful plants and flowers!!My favorite flower is fucshia!!!I'll try to make your great recipe with the asparagus!!Thank you so much for your mention about me and my blog!I really appreciate it!Yes,the weather is great but today my daughter left for Holland,crying because she will find rain and cold there!!If i could have all my blog friends and host them here ,i would be glad!!Have a lovely week!Hugs!

  10. Dear Christa, What a wonderful setting for a plant sale. Your tomato looks very interesting, I hope will produce many fruit for you. Thank you for the recipe I will be trying it out! Dimi's blog is wonderful it feels like summer after visiting there.
    Sarah x

  11. I had to go the top of your post again I thought you said summer weather people are in coats and scarves, that's not what I call summer.. What a lovely place to visit

  12. What a beautiful market--and I love the preservation aspect. Traveler tomato is a charming name!

  13. The photos are so lovely and the food looks totally delicious. Too bad I don't eat diary products <3


  14. How I missed this post ? I was out .... As I was looking at your pictures I was thinking to could be there and to buy all !!!! these plants !! Lovely post Christa !

  15. Olá! Tudo bem??

    Vim retribuir a sua visita aqui no meu cantinho!

    Fico feliz por você me seguir!

    Volte sempre!!!>>>Passe lá e pegue um selinho de agradecimento!

    Doce abraço e beijinhuxxx, Marie.


  16. Oh, what a nice place you have there!! those flowers... !

  17. this recipe looks delicious and simple, I will try and recreate one very soon. thanks for sharing


  18. Wonderful place to have your plants.
    Are you still wearing coats???
    Yummy cake :)
    Have a wonderful week.


  19. Oh I wish I lived beside this lovely market I love pottering and looking at all the plants and flowers. Dimi's post is a joy.

  20. Hello Christa, it looks like you had a wonderful day out. The variety of plants is quite wonderful, and that tomato looks amazing! I will come back and copy down your recipe for the Asparagus bread it looks really delicious and different.
    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.I am working hard but having a lot of fun too. Much love to you, Linda xx