Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just finished...

... this dinner... with our boys... they were cycling all day and needed something to replenish...

Not so in my case but I loved it anyway!

Tomorrow is my last working day before holidays start! Beautiful! 
Provided the weather remains good we are planning a staycation and have plenty of plans!

If the weather gets bad... we will head to Southern of France.

I do not know what weather I should wish for...

maybe both...

♥ Emilie's daughter 

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  1. Great! Wonderful meal and holidays tomorrow! What else can you ask??


  2. That meal looks jammy!!! I wish you a wonderful holiday Christa.

  3. I think that your boys were to much happy with these plates !!
    It is nice Christa that you will start your holidays !
    I wish to you to have a pleasant trip and good time at France !

  4. That meal looks delicious! What is the tart? Enjoy your hols whatever the weather :-)

  5. Dear Christa,what a wonderful meal you cooked!!
    It looks so delisious!!
    Is the 1st macaron salad?And the 2nd,tart?
    I think i'm going to cook the same today!!!
    Hope you'll enjoy your hollidays!
    Have a lovely and safe trip in France!!
    I'll go next week in a Greek island, Lefkada,for my hollidays!!
    Take care!!!

  6. Can I come around for some food it looks wonderful! Hope your last day at work wasn't too bad and you have a great holiday.
    Sarah x

  7. I love pasta! This is my favourite dish!It looks amazing! Enjoy your holidays.

  8. Lovely dishes making me hungry. Have a lovely holiday