Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Last Friday...

 When we woke up last Friday morning and opened the shutters 
the surrounding wore it's winter clothes! Oh, joy!
I took some photos but as our computer was out of order I could not share them with you. Meanwhile the white has dissolved but the temperatures are freezing cold and there is really cold northerly wind.

What else could I wish for with Christmas time at the doorstep!

      ♥  Emilie's daughter  ♥ 

pics by me 


  1. Oh Christa, this is magic! If only I could fly... We never have snow here, for me snowing is a fairy tale story and we always love to reach mountain summits just to have a little fun with snow.. Your images are fabulous, enjoy these wonderful days before Christmas !

  2. GORGEOUS pictures Christa- I always love the view from your balcony, through all seasons. It looks so magical in the snow. I hope you wake to Christmas morning like that.

  3. What a gorgeous view! These shots look like a Christmas wonderland . . . I can just see the little bakery shops and hear caroling in the streets :) I agree this is Christmas magic . . . I want to spread my wings and fly there, too :)

  4. Oh Christa,
    ihr habt so ein Glück!
    Bei uns ist es nur kalt und friert, aber der Himmel ist blau!
    Euer Blick vom Balkon ist wirklich toll!
    Ich danke dir sehr für deinen lieben Kommentar!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  5. I love it !! Wonderful pictures Christa !! The Christmas will be really white !!
    Keep warm and cozy !

  6. I am not generally a fan of cities in winter, but this looks magical. Christmas is indeed coming!


  7. Hello Christa
    Your images are better than Christmas cards. I also love the snow effect on your post

    Have a great week

    Helen x

  8. The snow covered trees are beautiful. What a lovely wintry scene. Have a happy week!

  9. There is something very special about the first fall of the season - your pictures look like fairyland.

  10. That looks so beautiful especially the trees. Hope you aren't suffering in the cold.
    Sarah x

  11. Like a story book--you have the most beautiful view!

  12. Beautiful photos, the snow adds a touch of magic to everything.

  13. Hi Christa,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Your first snow looks beautiful. Makes me wish we had a small layer as well :-)

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  14. Your photos are stunning and the last two look quite magical. I love snowy scenes but I don't like having to drive in the snow otherwise I would wish for snow here!

  15. Such beautiful images, quite fairy-tale!