Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SantaCon in London, Christmassy pubs and fun

SantaCon took place in London last Saturday.
The streets and pubs were crowded with them!

We enjoyed the Christmassy atmosphere in the pubs

 Even the beers come in a Christmassy manner

It was just fun

  ♥   Emilie's daughter    

pics by me  


  1. So pleased that you had a happy Christmas weekend in London Christa - you make a really lovely couple.

  2. I want to gooo to Looondoonn for Christmaaaasss! Thanks for sharing.


  3. How great is that! This is my smile for the day!
    Love the picture of you and yours!

  4. You and Paul look as if you had a good time. that's a lovely picture of you both. Santa's seem to have been everywhere last weekend!
    Sarah x

  5. Dear Christa, How exciting to be in London at this time of the year!
    I have been off line for a while and have just been back through your recent posts. Oh, how beautiful they all are! Certainly puts me in the mood for Christmas. What a gorgeous shop of your sister-in-law and partner. I loved every picture.
    You and your husband look so happy. A lovely photo.
    Happy days,

  6. Hallo Christa,
    ich bin nicht neidisch, nein, nein!
    Doch, und wie!!!!!!!
    Das war bestimmt ein tolles Erlebnis!
    Nun habe ich auch ein Gesicht zu deinem Blog!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  7. das war bestimmt ein sehr unterhaltsames wochenende.
    die bilder sprechen jedenfalls für sich.
    besonders ein bild!!!

    xo franka