Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally I managed to make my this year's Hydrangea wreath...

In the park nearby are loads of them. 
 observe them from tiny in spring until they are in that siren red telling me to come and take some home...

 Then I let them dry for about a week.

After that they are ready to become a wreath and last till next spring 
when the tiny ones appear again in the park...

Now it is hanging on our apartment door.  Pleasing me every day!

♥  Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. It is really beautiful (you are allowed to pick them from a park?)

    1. Well, not officially.,, There is a huge field and as every year the gardeners of the city will come end November and cut them. So cutting a few beforehand is OK. At least in my opinion... Have a good day and thank you very much for your comment! Christa

  2. How beautiful Christa and all the more special as you lovingly picked the flowers and created this wreath


  3. Simply gorgeous! This color is perfect for a spectacular wreath hanging on a huge white front door!

  4. What a lovely color and in such a pretty space too!
    I was given a blue hydrangea for my birthday. Now if we can just keep the woodchuck from eating it!