Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmassy walk in Elfenau!

Due to a small operation I had last Thursday, I could not go jogging on Sunday morning. At 8.30 am I went for a walk anyway and had the chance to take some pictures of Elfenau park. This is the story of the park:

"The Elfenau Estate had its heyday in the 19th century when it provided sanctuary to the Russian Grand Duchess Anna Feodorowna (1781 - 1860). In 1814 the émigré Grand Duchess acquired the Brunnadern Estate including the country house dating from 1735. In 1816 she officially registered the name Elfenau. The City of Bern acquired the Elfenau in 1918 and set up the Municipal Nurseries there. In the Elfenau Baroque architecture, nature and culture come together in harmony. The exhibitions and cultural events featured in the Elfenau summer programs continue venue's previously established tradition as a place to meet and socialize."

I hadn't been there for quite a while but I am confident that I will go back more often in the future.

Hope you have time to re-discover your surroundings as well.

Emilie's daughter

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