Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get up early for my dear boys!

The neighborhood is still asleep

Last Tuesday I roasted vegetarian schnitzels...

My two sons never come home for lunch (many kids return from school to eat at home). They refuse eating breakfast and they also refuse eating at the school's cafeteria. In other words they need a big snack as well as lunch. So what does their mother do? She gets up when it is still dark outside and COOKS!  I roast escalopes, hamburgers, cook pasta or rice, prepare salads, bake cheese or fruit cakes, cut veggies and fruits etc. etc. I often stand in the kitchen asking myself why I spoil them so much but then I like the quiet mornings in the kitchen with the radio on, sipping at my coffee... well, you know  the things only mothers do...

Every Tuesday I prepare sandwiches which goes quick and easy. Sometimes I need ideas how to layer the bread and here I found some. If you have more suggestions - I would be grateful for further recipes!

See you later alligator! Have a wonderful day!

Emilie's daughter

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  1. Why do mothers do that? I guess they would do anything for their kids. I am also a mum like that! xo Maureen