Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vivienne Westwood or Coco Chanel?

I've had this picture in my file for a long time. I had planned to create something similar for my bedroom.  But time has passed and nothing has happened in this respect so far... LAZY ME! Maybe showing it to you makes me move on with my plans. I am sure I would enjoy it to the fullest: Drawing, choosing the fabric, cutting, glueing and compile it to an image. In the end I would think that I am Vivienne Westwood or Coco Chanel... hehehe... the thought is irresistible... 

I'll see... I'll keep you posted anyway!

Meanwhile - have a peaceful day!

Emilie's daughter

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picture via web don't remember where from


  1. Yes, dear Emilie's daughter! I would like to encourage you to make such a piece of art! Have a nice day! Grazia from Berne

  2. Ich mag die schönen, handgemalten Karten mit dem Kartenhalter und würde mich sehr freuen, sie zu gewinnen. Wunderbarer Blog, lese ihn regelmässig. Elisabeth