Thursday, March 31, 2011

To die for!

I adore this kitchen! All in white and so huge! 
All my pots and pans could be stored! 
The Eames chairs.... oooohh, so awesome! The stucco work - I am wordless! 
The blackish floor combined with the white of the cupboards -  fantastic! I also love the window. 
It is the eye to the outside - it is as if nature is part of the room. 

To put it short: Isn't this kitchen to die for?

Enjoy your Thursday!

Emilie's daughter

PS. Don' t forget to participate in the lottery!

picture from the web - don't remember where from

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  1. I like this kitchen! What a room and cooking in here would be a great pleasure! Have a nice day, Emilie! Maureen