Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got crazy!

Yesterday morning I went to the market and bought these beautiful veggies. When I arrived at home I displayed them in my new bowl (bought in Italy). While I sat at the table sipping my coffee I studied the colors and textures. I made a photo, a second one and another one... I got really crazy! The soft skin of the potatoes, the purple shades of the baby artichokes, the green of the peas... I sighed! After a winter of eating pumpkins, cabbage of all sorts, potatoes with rough skin... these goodies were a silver lining on the horizon... spring has only started and summer is still ahead of us so more treasuries to come like green and white asparagus, lettuce, rocket, fresh herbs, strawberries, melons and... and...

Show you another day how it looked like after cooking... 
tomorrow I'll make your mouth watering with something Italian...

Meanwhile ciao a tutti!

 Emilie's daughter 

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am also looking forward to spring and summer... ,o) Maureen