Thursday, April 14, 2011

Palmaria - Gulf of poets

That is where we are starting from:
Portovenere in the Gulf of Poets
This fancy boat is taking us to the Island Palmaria. I feel like Sophia Loren...
(just a short ride,  unfortunately)

That is what you see when you look back. Breathtaking isn't it?

Here we get off the boat and in front of us we see Locanda Lorena
Una bella Signora is already waiting for us

She leads us to terrace.
Oh, I love the white table cloths and the view is... no words existing for that...
Lovely fresh fish... did you notice their little teeth?
More seafood and vegetables...

I think I am having these spaghettis with mussels... and the wine

These dishes are seducing...
If possible go for a little walk after all these goodies...

... and enjoy this view...
It smells from wild herbs like thyme and rosemary, 
the air is salty from the Mediterranean Sea...
Were you wise enough to reserve a room?
You'll sleep tight and enjoy the sound of the sea and the quietness..

I hope you enjoyed my documentary on Isola Palmaria. Have a also a look here. The English version is funny... I could not really understand what they want to say... but never mind! 

Buona giornata!

Emilie's daughter

PS. The quote of George Bernard Shaw in English is as follows: 

There is no love sincerer, than the love of food.

pictures via Locanda Lorena

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