Friday, April 15, 2011

Sorry! Just a quick post!

Busy day today: I am going to the shops with my younger son (including having a treat in a nice coffee shop, I love to do that with him), then doing some cleaning and laundry, later my older son comes back from a short holiday - so lots to talk and listen to, then doing some outwork, preparing a nice dinner (the first one together with all the family members since two weeks!) and then getting ready for some visitors who will overnight from Saturday till Sunday. 
All things to look forward to, isn't it (apart from the cleaning and laundry of course).

The flowers you see on the picture are camellias - I saw them last week in Italy. Aren't they awesome?

Can't wait till my roses bloom in the garden...

Have a day full of fun!

Emilie's daughter

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  1. Those camellias... oh... Have a fun day, too! Maxime