Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My shoes! Patent leather!

What do you think about my shoes? When I was six years old I wore them and I tell you I was very, very proud! My grandfather was a shoemaker in the mountains and that is where I bought them. Emilie  kept them for me (I am terribly grateful) and since a few years they belong to me again. When I look at them I remember the moment when I tried them on and how I then felt: Just great and like a real girl!

I still like them and if I could I would still where them.

I am sure you've got things in your life that make your eyes watering. What is it?

Would LOVE to know... please tell me!

Emilie's daughter

pictures by me

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  1. These shoes are gorgeous! I had a pair as well when I was a little girl. Somehow they got lost. I envy you! Maureen