Thursday, May 12, 2011

View from balcony number 2

We have four small balconies and yesterday before dinner we sat on balcony number 2 and enjoyed the view onto the blooming trees. 
They look like carrying snow but the scent in the air makes clear it is summertime! 
There is a honey-like, mild perfume over the neighbourhood. 
It makes one drunk and all one would like to be is a honeybee. 
When we lay in bed at night the odor enters the bedroom and gives us sweet dreams. 
Ahhh, that is SUMMER and that is what we were waiting for during the dreary winter months!

And that is what we had for dinner: Risotto rice with mascarpone gorgonzola and basil. 
Certainly poison for my hips but good nourishment  for my soul... 

Big hugs to you!

Emilie's daughter

pictures via me

PS. Here is hubbys hand... he is really suffering but I am taking good care of him... hehehe

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