Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More style in the mountains...


The last evening of our hiking trip we spent in Hittisau, Austria. We arrived after a 9 hours walk over several alps at 6 pm and had a beautiful glass of white wine on the terrace of Hotel Krone in fact just before the weather changed from summer to autumn. The dinner we had was delicious! All prepared with local products. The room was fantastic (the shower just awesome) and what I liked most was that the shower gel and body lotion were not those cheap, malodorant products  but of the Occitane line...WOW! The breakfast the following morning did leave nothing to be desired... fresh fruits, local cheeses, meat, eggs, vegetables, bread in many variations, muesli, flakes, yoghurt, sweets, coffee, many kinds of tea... because it was raining the hotel offered nice umbrellas. Unfortunately we had to leave... it would have been very relaxing to stay another day, evening and night. The more so because there were many newspaper we could have read that rainy day... By the way: In Hittisau the Frauenmuseum is located. I was not able to visit it but heard it to be interesting. Look here.

Well,  you see - I was taken by Hotel Krone. If you ever go to Bregenzerwald (which is worth a visit anyway because of its breathtaking landscape) then that is the place for overnighting.

Today I am off to work again - you may know the first day is always a bit hard as with one foot one is still on holiday and with the other one at work...

Emilie's daughter

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