Monday, October 17, 2011

Dutch tea cosies

I love these Dutch tea cosies! 
Wonderful for carrying the hot pot wherever one wants!
 Really chic especially now when days are getting colder. 
For more information have a look here.

Sweet Monday!

♥ Emilie's daughte

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  1. Hello Emmily daughter.

    I came upon your blog, while looking at Helen Tilstons blog. She follows me. I follow her. I do not know her, but only from facebook, as my name is Valerie Tilston .. from there we connected.

    I love your blogs and the stories you write. Very interesting.
    I am not sure, if you live in Bern or Lucern.
    My daughter lives in Lucern. Has a business there.
    I love going there.
    I am now going to read more of your blogs. Best wishes and keep on writing. i am new to this, and learning how to do it.
    kind regards Valerie