Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spirit of Christmas Fair

Here I show you some pics of items one can buy at the Christmas Fair in London which takes place from November 2 to 6, 2011. So if you belong to the lucky ones who either live in London or nearby or who is right in time for a visit then do not miss it! For the unlucky ones (like me)  I suggest to have a look at the website here and arrange for a sojourn in 2012... 

All I need now is a glogg...

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 

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  1. Christa,

    I believe England and Germany are the places to be at Christmas! Lots going on and... it's already started!

    I have been to Olympia, but for concerts. The place is really huge, so it should be really good!

    Near where I live is Blickling Hall, an old National Trust property (a stately home) Every Christmas they hold a fantastic Christmas Fayre, with food and gifts. There is a shop in the hall, which is extended by using the most enormous of marquees, with chandeliers! It's so beautiful!

    We intend to visiy our friends who live 20 minutes out of London, on the train and go to Harrods, Hamleys and Liberty's. Plus, I just seeing all the shops and the lights!

    Last year I got a lot from Macy's (NY)We parked our car in a quiet road (it was after 7 p.m!) and walked to the shops. It's always fun, doing that and then having a meal. It's become quite expensive in the last three years, though...

    I think we will enjoy London very much!