Friday, October 28, 2011


This time I am giving away a small lantern (h: 17 cm, l: 11 cm, color greyish) which I think is quite sweet somewhere in the home or outside during Christmas time.

To participate please leave a comment or several to increase your chance. 
Closing time is November 1st   at 7 pm.

Good luck!

Emilie's daughter


  1. what a wonerful giveaway! i would love to win!!!

  2. What a generous beautiful giveaway

    Have a lovely weekend

    Helen x

  3. It's so cute, Christa!

    Yesterday I bought some German Christmas ornaments, for the house. They are wooden and very pretty, too: strings of tiny red reindeer to go across my big pine dresser, in the kitchen, and gingerbread men. So sweet!

    I can see the houses across the street from you, in the photos! I am so nosey!

    Have a nice weekend!


  4. Hello Christa:
    As we live in permanent fear that our near neighbour, that nice Mr Putin, will cut off our gas and electricity at any moment [as he seems to do every winter], we really need something to light our way through the deep Hungarian darkness of what should be the festive season.

    Of course, if we should be lucky enough to win this most decorative of lanterns, then we should shine through even the darkest days, smiling as we go!!

  5. Hello Emilie's daughter, we love your blog, it's awesome! We would love to win this fantastic latern! have a nice sunday! Hannah and Domenic