Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hand Made Home

There are so many beautiful and inspiring photographs on the web. But sometimes I like to lie on the sofa and hold a book in my hands. This way I can study the pictures from every angle! I recently bought Hand Made Home by Mark and Sally Bailey and I am pleased to share some of the content with you. Pay special attention to the last photo: Wouldn' it be marvelous to relax in that bathtub and  at the same time observe nature... Heaven on earth!

Love hugs!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥


  1. Hello:
    We know of Mark and Sally Bailey very well from our years of living in Herefordshire. When they first started their business, many years ago in a former railway shed, they were the only people doing their particular kind of thing. Since then they have been widely copied but always, we feel, remain ahead of the game.

  2. How very rustic and charming! I just love the really old cheeseboard in one of the photos! How many stories would it tell, if it could talk? It's such a beautiful thing!