Monday, October 3, 2011

Preserving tomato sauce

That is the result of our work on Saturday: Tomato sauce. We preserved 36 litres...

And that is the story behind it:

Delivery of 64 kgs tomatoes and some basil leaves
Washing and getting them ready for...

cutting... thank you hubby!

then boiling them till they have thickened and become a smooth sauce

washing the jars and adding the basil leaves
adding the sauce to the jars with a laddle (hubby did that)

adding a lid and letting the sauce cool  upside down for the vacuum

in between the cooks needed something to strengthen them


Hubby and I love to have these jars in our pantry. We always say that we have preserved the sun and when days are getting cooler or in winter time when it is really cold it is nice to think one is eating some sunshine. By the way: The first sauce we have already tasted with some guests yesterday:

So - you sunshines out there - have a great Monday!

Emilie's daughter


  1. Hello:
    We adore tomatoes and all things which are tomato based and so, for us, your bottled sauces sound perfect and are, we are sure, absolutely delicious to taste. Hungarian tomatoes are, for us, one of the great joys of life in this country.

  2. Wow! You worked very hard, indeed! And you made it all look like a very "cool" and easy thing to do! I love your photos: very stylish! I looked at your blog yesterday, I think. Today, I've become one of your followes! I know I will enjoy reading your blog!