Monday, October 24, 2011

I love Saturdays!

... because that is when hubby and I go down town and have coffee somewhere nice. We read the paper, talk and just slip easily into the weekend! 
Last Saturday we met our dear friends Silvia and Thomas who joined us for a nice cup!

But no dreaming today! It is MONDAY and I'll drink the coffee in the office!

Don't forget the breaks whatever you use it for!

 Emilie's daughter 


  1. :-) me too - coffee in the office... Happpy nnew week to you


  2. Hello:
    Yes, this sounds exactly like what a perfect start to the weekend would be! Your café looks to be extremely stylish and the coffee looks good too. Wonderful.

    Hoping that your week goes well!!

  3. Greetings on Monday morning..
    Your photos are so inviting. It takes me to the days in Lucern, when i would go to cafe Heinne and have coffe or hot chocolate and those super black forest cakes.. The Swiss truly know how to enjoy their saturday mornings and their coffee. Am off to make a coffee for myself.. but not as inviting as yours. best wishes for a good day.