Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not perfume...

but olive oil! A wonderful bottle with liquid gold as I call it! My friend Luana brought it last Saturday when we had the Hunter's dinner and look how very apposite the wrapping was! Antlers! Very small though! I nagged at Luana because after all these are baby antlers and which hunter would shoot a baby deer? No, I am just kidding. The horns are a fake but very, very nice for decorating. 

The oil originates from Tuscany. I know the Maremma region quite well. We have spent our holidays there for years. Luana and her sister own a house "nearby" i.e. between Firenze and Siena. I could tell you many stories of what we cooked and how we enjoyed life... every day only the best Italian food...

Did you notice what the oil is good for? Soups, stuffed meat, fish and vegetables. All things I really love.  I will certainly find the suitable recipe for it!

Thank you Luana! It is such a gift to be your friend!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello:
    What an absolutely perfect gift. We can so well imagine how delighted you must be and can one ever have too much in the way of good quality olive oil? We think not!!

  2. What lovely bottles of Olive oil, so well presented. Who could resist it.
    You can imagine what olive oil is for me! Unfortunately here on my olive farm, these days, its difficult to find labour to pick the olives. However i think i found someone for this year. Cannot be without my oil..the food tastes so much better. Its helthier for you too.
    I only use my own olive oil.. its good for so many things like you said. Also very good for the skin.. its used in soaps. super blog

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  4. (Sorry about deleted post - noticed an awful spelling mistake and couldn't leave it!)

    What I love about these pictures is that you notice something different on each one - you've drawn the eye in to focus on each part of the lovely bottle and its tempting contents. I share your love of olive oil and am lucky enough now to live in Spanish Olive Country. Our neighbours recently gave us two enormous buckets of the first olives of the season, which we are now curing in preparation for indulgence! Off now to read more of your lovely blog.

  5. Christa! Hello... buon giorno!

    If you go to my blog and type in BRUSCHETTA, you will find a few ideas to help you put your olive oil to good use! Olive oil has such a wonderful flavour and aroma! To me... it's more precious than expensive perfume. Your friend gave you a wonderful gifts!

    Enjoy it!


  6. PS: there are about 4 bruschetta posts on my blog. The one entitled "You say bruscetta and I say bruschetta" contains 3 recipes, plus more in the other 3 posts!

    Buon appetito, Christa! Sorry about posting twice, but my sister called from Italy and I had to stop writing!



  7. what a lovely gift! the decoration is devine... and what a lovely blog! ll be visiting : ) - must say i particularly like the quote about good moms ; )

  8. My dear freind finally I write you, our friendship is "the jackpot". Thank you for been like you are, a very lovely and special person and I am so glad that we met us.