Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just because...

... Paul brought me this rose the other day! He entered the door and when I looked up to see his smile I always look forward to n the evening, he held this white and gorgeous flower towards me. Oh, he knows how much I love these and also how much I love him...

Nothing more to add to that!
I hope that you are loved too and that you love someone just the same!

 Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Hello:
    How lovely and how very thoughtful and kind of Paul.

  2. Hi Christa... buon giorno! I think I am loved, too, though, as any other Italian, I can be eccentric, but it doesn't matter, as my husband is VERY eccentric! And he does buy me flowers: roses and pink lilies, which I love! ( And other very nice things!)

    I love your beautiful white rose, Christa... so delicate! Your husband must be lovely and he certainly is lucky to have a woman like you. I perceive you as a very, very nice lady!

    And now I must go back to the boring stuff I was doing before!



  3. thats just lovely... lucky girl ; )