Friday, October 7, 2011

New Floor

We needed a new floor in the entry -
here is what it looked like after removing the old floor

As always hubby and the boys helped me
but as you know boys love playing so...

they did a kind of race - here you can already see
who is going to be the winner

Does it fit?

I think it does...

And that is what it looks like now! I love it - sorry the picture is a bit dark...

We had the entry floor renewed sometime in June. Here is a sneak peak of what it looks like now. 

Today I am busy with shopping and preparing. Tomorrow a big crowd will come for dinner (13 people to be exact) and that's the menu:

Bruschette with tomato and basil
Bruschette with goat cheese, pesto sauce and honey
Bruschette with tuna paste
Homemade grissini
Fish with olive tapenade and bacon (warm)
Salad from the market
Homemade ravioli filled with dried pears
Sauce made with butter, onions and sage
Cheese produced in the Alps
Meatloaf stewed in red wine with various veggies
(hubby does that - and I tell you it is the best ever!!!)
Homemade mashed potatoes with nutmeg
Red cabbage sauteed in red wine with cinnamon and star anise (my grandma's recipe)
Various cheeses
Pannacotta with pears (the recipe is on my blog)

In between the courses we will dance in the entry - that is great isn't it?

I love cooking for many people! The more the better!

Well, I hope your Friday is a happy and busy one as well!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥


  1. My dear enjoy your entry, I will do it tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the dinner.

    Have a nice day

  2. Hello Emilie's daughter! :)

    Luana greeted me of your side and told me I gotta go on your page again. :)

    Well, I've to admit that it sounds so delicious... it's mostly to good to be true. It makes me just a bit sad that I didn't get an invitation. But I know, that's life. ;)

    Enjoy your meal and especially have a good time!

    Greets from Spain