Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hyacinths for Christmas

Last December I found this picture on the web. 
Then it was too late to plant hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. 
I did not forget about this beautiful decoration though. 
So last week I went to the shop and bought 15 bulbs.
 I am planning to make little presents like the ones on the picture above or 

They are already perfect as bulbs and when I think of their metamorphosis; what they will look and  smell like! Wonderful! Unfortunately the white ones were already sold out. I will try to find more in another shop. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Start this day on the right foot and be happy!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa:
    What a timely reminder to plant hyacinth bulbs which, too often, we leave until it is past the time. They do, as you say, make lovely gifts and for choice we should also go for the white ones although, that said, blue is the traditional colour.

  2. I was looking at them at the garden dept. the other week.. then forgot all about the plant. I now feel i must get some to put on my lounge window sill. Lovely photos Crista.
    Here we also have the 3 colours. One of my problems is what to put them in.. i have one Hyacinth vase..must get some more.
    Their fragrance is exotic..
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Such a beautiful gift idea. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled to receive something so pretty.

  4. I love the scent, Christa. They are beautiful flowers. When I came to live in England, coming from a city, I didn't know about plants. One day I decided to do some gardening and I dug up hundreds of little "onions" (I thought they were onions!") and I put them to one side. When my husband came home, I told him I had done some weeding (God knows what else I killed!) and he kind of smiled (probably wanted to laugh, but was too kind to do that!)He then explained that those "onions" were the bulbs of grape hycinths (the tiny Spring flowering ones. I replanted them and felt silly. When they flowered, in Spring, they really looked beautiful! Good job I didn't throw them away!

    Another little story!