Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding anniversary in Basle...

Hubby and I lived for many years in Basle, got married there and it is also the place our first son was born. 
So really beautiful and happy memories! We decided to get up early, take the train and visit the
 " Herbstmesse" (autumn fair). We especially like the bric-a-brac stalls on Petersplatz. 
If you like join me for a stroll:

Leaving Berne, the sun comes out!

When arriving in Basle coffee and croissants first!

Some stalls are still closed when we arrive
 in a way it is busy but absolutely no hustle!

Roasted veal sausage - a must!

Impressions of the "Häfelimärt" meaning market of crocket

Määsmögge... one must buy these when visiting Basler Herbstmesse!

Pastries baked after old recipes

Sweets for kids...

The day in Basle was really hazy and cold!
And this is the weather when we arrived in Berne! What a difference!

We had a beautiful morning and early afternoon in our "old" hometown! We were strolling in the city for 3 hours and remembered how our life was between 1985 and 1992. To put it short: It was merry, happy and full of love and it hasn't changed until this day!

I'll show you more impressions another time.

Have a happy Monday and don't forget to appreciate also the simple things in life!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Hello Christa:
    What a lovely, and very colourful way, to have spent the day. And we are so pleased that it was all much the same from how it all used to be when Basle was your home. A great many exciting things to see in the market and we should certainly have been tempted by the veal sausage!

  2. fairs are a wonderful place to visit... especially when the town holding one is a town with such beautiful mamories : )

    those blue cups stole my heart ...

  3. Hi Christa. You have been nominated for the Liebster award. Go to my blog to see the details. I love your tour through the fair. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Wonderful photos from Basel! I hope I can visit Basel someday too!

  5. This looks so lovely; much nicer than than the fair where I live. I'd love to visit this one. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Christa, it's so like a big market we went to in Munich! The stalls, the little huts where they sell the delicious meat with hot, salt pretzels, and the ... sausages on paper plates, with a roll and mustard. YUM! And all that beer! Long tables packed with people eating and drinking, and sharing the beauty of the city.

    I loved your photos, as they reminded me of all the lovely times spent in Munich, in the Alps, whick I LOVE and in a little town near Hamburg.
    The two places are so different and Bavaria has such a distinct personality! I love it all and I love the people!

    I wonder if the Italian part of Switzerland is like Italy...

    I loved the little tour, Christa! Thank you for sharing! Just beautiful!