Thursday, November 3, 2011

Setting the table

Christmas time has started and with it many nice gathering with family and friends. I sometimes have difficulties to memorize where the glasses and cutlery should be placed. I know people do not visit me to check out whether I know all about this but still I think it is nice set the table correctly.

I am publishing this picture in case you are like me. Now you'll always know where to look it up!

Did you sing today? No? Then I think it is time you did!

Have a jolly Thursday!

 Emilie's daughter 


  1. thanks for the lovely comments and for cheerful posts...i never remember these kind of things... a bad thing since i have had hotel&turism studies and should know these things... but gosh! its such a long time ago ; )

  2. i love your blog. and i've nominated you and your blog for a liebster blog award. congratulations!!! it makes me very happy to drop by here and see your latest offering.