Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wintery Corbusier chair

Yesterday I saw this Corbusier LC3 chair displayed in a shop here in Berne. What a funny idea!
 It shows that also chairs need warm winter clothing...

I hope you feel lucky today!

 Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa:
    This is such fun and, because it is so unusual and rather odd, we feel that it could be placed in almost any room setting where it would also double not only as somewhere to sit but as an art work in its own right.

  2. What a super idea . It will compliment the sofa throw keeping us warm in the winter.

  3. It looks like a liquorice allsort ( they are sweets!) It's interesting and very cheerful, certainly novel, but... I think, if I am allowed to say this... I'd rather pay money to buy a lovely antique chair... nicely rounded, soft and with a story to tell.

    Thanks for posting the image. It really is something different. Food for thought, as they say!

    BTW: if you want to contact me, re: cute lantern, my email address in on my blog!



  4. PS: Are you sure the chair wasn't designed by Mondrian? I think the designer must have been inspired by the artist. Now... that makes me look at this chair from a differnt perspective!