Thursday, December 8, 2011


I forgot my camera at the dinner last Monday. Luckily it is at Maja's! I will get it asap. These photographs I had to take with my old cam. I could only take three pics as it broke down afterwards. Not even my son could fix it! He usually is a fantastic "doctor" for all kinds of things. So these pictures must do! 

Well, the crabapples were part of the deco last Monday. I took some home and now they modestly accessorize (is this the correct word?) the entry. I find them very beautiful - once again the simpler the better!

I am off work today and I hope to finally catch up with some of the things that should have been done long ago!

Take care of you and your people around you!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. I've always thought crabapples to be so pretty. My grandmother had a crabapple tree outside her home when I was really young, and they make me think of visiting her.

  2. Well, Christa! You could put "NEW CAMERA" on your list for Santa Claus, this year! I'm sure he's still busy "making" toys for big girls and little girls!

    Crab apples, apparently, make delicious jelly! And... they are so VERY pretty to look at!

    I hope you get a new camera soon!



  3. The colors in the crab apples are so lovely. I'm glad your old camera worked for these shots. Beautiful!

  4. The photos still came out good Christa. A nice way to decorate a table, appealing to look at.. Maybe a surprise camera for xmas.. !!!! You will have to drop some hints.
    Thanks for sharing ..