Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6 - a special day

On December 6 Santa Claus visits the children here in Switzerland and in some other parts in Europe. He visits the families and praises the children and surprises them with tangerines, nuts, chocolate, figs, dates and gingerbread. In return they declaim a poem or sing a song or even play a piece of music with their instruments. Usually people make a little celebration even when the kids are not small anymore. That is what  did yesterday.  It is a tradition to eat what we call "Grittibänz" and of course I baked one as well.  Emilie makes the most wonderful ones  - I am not that good at it but let me tell you it was delicious all the same. Did you see the apples I scored and the candle I put inside? I like that simple decoration for this occasion a lot. 

The dinner last Monday was a success. I think you really kept your fingers crossed! Thank you so much!    I'll show you some pics in one of my next posts.

Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully snowy day!

Emilie's daughter


  1. There's no snow here in Franken!
    Only ugly wind and rain.
    So I have a look at your cosy pics!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Hi Christa! How wonderful it all looks! My German friends told me that the children leave shoes outside and St. Nicholas fills them with sweets. They live in a house in the Country, near Hamburg.

    I just think that the whole St. Nicholas story, and the Father Christmas connection is fantastic!

    Your house looks lovely, Christa! You made it look beautiful... I can sense a happy family lives there.

    Thank you for sharing your traditions with us. Your Grittibanz is really cute!




  3. what a gorgeous table setting!
    you are so creative!
    this tradition is simply beautiful
    and your house looks amazing : )

    i `m glad everything went fine on Monday. looking forward to some photos

  4. So beautiful! I too like simple decoration. It is lovely. Your pictures look so warm and inviting!

  5. Is it called "Sammi Klaus" i remember i was there once when my two grandchildren said their poems..they were so petrified..
    Your table and photos are lovely Christa and the bread.. what a great idea.. the Swiss have great traditions.. Fastnaght next..(cant spell it)
    It all looks so cosy and inviting..
    lovely blog
    best wishes val