Friday, December 30, 2011

Get that fresh look...

When I have days I look tired due to lack of sleep, long nights with friends or just because life is taking me hard I have a remedy: Egg yolk, olive oil and honey! It may sound a bit kooky to you but it helps! Just whisk an egg yolk, good olive oil and good honey together and apply the paste with a brush to your face and neck. Lay down and put some slices of cucumbers on your eyes, listen to your favorite music and maybe even drink a glass of bubbly champagne... after 30 minutes you will be refreshed and rosy... your skin will be subtle and soft for a few days... no preservatives, no chemicals... and nearly no costs... I can only say: TRY IT OUT! It is a recipe I received 20 years ago from Ina and since then no other mask has ever touched me... 

Wishing you a relaxing day... hope to meet you tomorrow again with rosy cheeks!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. i am doing that tomorrow. i have used no products on my skin for 15 years now. i use olive oil exclusively to cleanse and moisturize and my 45 year old skin seems to like it. adding an egg and some honey every now and then would be a good thing i think....
    i hope you have a great new year!

  2. My best recipe is to get enough sleep!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Hört sich gut an das Rezept für die Gesichtsmaske!
    Ich wünsche Dir und deinen Lieben einen guten Rutsch!

  4. Not only good for our skin... just imagine... what if you add some flour and bake it? (Might even become another blog post: How to turn the hangover mask into a yummy new year's cake) ;-)

  5. ... add a layer of shortcrust pastry and bake... serve warm with gravy, and enjoy! A recipe for 2012: Cucumber and Christa pie!

    Jokes apart... it sounds like a good recipe for a facial, as long as there are no bears around (Uncle Buck teaches...)

    Actually, come to think, a paste made with live jeast and water, is very good for the skin (followed by a kiss from Marcello Mastroianni with dark sunglasses on and still alive!)

    Thank you for the "recipe" Christa! It actually sounds good (I know olive oil is excellent for the skin!)



  6. Dear Christa,

    I hope you realize that I was only joking! Me and my silly big mouth!




  7. Not kooky at all! I have used honey as a mask but I like the addition of the egg yoke and olive oil, will be trying that today. When my daughter was home for the holidays we did a mask for her hair with honey and olive oil, wrap in plastic and a towel leave on for 30 minutes. So glad you stopped by our blog, I will enjoy seeing what is happening in Switzerland this year, Happy New Year, Laura