Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little bit of spring...

... in my house! I love the green and the white of the hyacinths and the subtle color of the amaryllis.

I have noticed that even the days are getting longer... already!

I love the week between Christmas and New Year it is a kind of sentimental... a valediction and a beginning into something new...

Let your feelings flow... they are you... and you are precious... remember also imperfection is beautiful!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Auch ich würde am liebsten die Fenster öffnen und dem Frühling Platz machen.... Da müssen wir uns wohl noch ein Weilchen gedulden.
    Deine Blumenbilder sind wunderschön. Die Hyazinthen kann ich durch den PC riechen....
    Ich wünsche Dir noch viele frohe Stunden im alten Jahr und einen guten Rutsch ins 2012.
    Herzlichst grüsst Dich Yvonne

  2. I see you are ready to move on! How about the New Year celebrations? I'm not ready for Spring, yet! We haven't haf any snow!

    I love hyacinths and amaryllis! They are gorgeous!




  3. Great photos of the Hyacinths.. i love them.
    I thought i was imaganing that the days were getting a little longer, but now you have mentioned it.. i know i wasnt.
    It brings a feeling of hope for whats ahead in the new year..
    We have been having between 16 17 and 19 degrees.. its been glorious. The weather is perplexing.. but cant complain
    enjoy the rest of Thursday..
    love val

  4. I too am a hyacinth and amaryllis-girl. And, not to forget the beautiful pelargonium. They too are waiting for spring in our basement. Just the other day, I noticed that one of them decided to wake early this year. I brought it up with me, and it's now enjoying a very early spring in the window.

    Seems to me that you and I like the same kind of things :)

    Lilli :)

  5. I love when the days start getting longer! Your flowers are beautiful--I must get some hyacinths to bring a reminder of spring home.