Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple wrapping

Each year I present something small to my neighbours. Last year it was homemade mustard, the year before a plaited loaf, another year Christmas cookies etc. etc. I put the presents in their letterbox on December 24th very early in the morning. I cudgeled my brain what I could present them this year. It should be something small, not dear but from the heart and wrapped in a Christmassy way. 
Today I composed this little gift and I think that is what I will lay in their boxes this year. A tag with our families Holiday wishes is till missing but I'll add it before December 24.  In case you have another idea I'll be glad to hear about it.

Today is a working day and in the evening I'll be assisting my friends Maja and Mättu with an Xmas aperitif and dinner for 40 persons. So wish me luck!

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Christa, good luck for this evening. I think you'll have fun!

    I like your wrapping idea: so stylish, as expected! I'm afraid my wrapping is quite elaborate and colourful, but I, too, like to make my presents so pretty that no one wants to open them (but I know thay can't wait to do just that!)

    You are so kind, Christa! Just one question: will you be my neighbour, please?




  2. the simple is often the best!

    good luck for tonight : )

  3. What a very thoughtful idea of you to do that Christa.
    Its the thought that counts.
    I like your idea of candles.. you have taken time and love to do that.
    Wish you good luck for tonight.. hope you have time to have a glass of wine yourself .
    good party times..

  4. Eine richtig hübsche Idee!

    ♥ Franka