Saturday, January 21, 2012

Any good hints and ideas?

In a few days we will be taking off for London! I have been there several times and I am very much looking forward to another visit. 

Still, the city is so huge that there are certainly places which are worth a visit but are not listed in any travel guide. If you do have such good hints and ideas which you would not mind to share, I should be most grateful to hear about them!

I am excited  and say 


Have a fantastic Saturday!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  ♥



  1. Hello Christa..

    Here i am again. Hoping i can get somewhere again..
    I miss my blogging and the lovely friends i have made through the months.

    London is a hub of excitement and all kinds of lovely things to do.
    Saturday morning Portabello Road..
    Sunday .. afternoon tea at Claridges!
    i love to visit Westminster Abbey.. i find it grand and feel as though i step back through the doors of time.

    As always ..lovely photos ..
    warm regards val

  2. i would suggest something maybe a bit more boring ( for some)
    the British National Museum. go to the greek corner...
    you `ll be amazed ; )

    enjoy your time there anyway!

  3. London - wie ich dich beneide!

    Ich würde zu gern den *Anthropologie* Laden besuchen!

    ♥ Franka

  4. I love Notting Hill, but I guess you have already been there :) If not; GO!
    Have a nice trip!
    xx Marie

  5. Christa, it's a beautiful city, and big. I love Covent Garden and I find Greenwich absolutely exciting, so green, spacious and full of interesting characters and creative people. I enjoy visiting art galleries and loking at paintings by impressionist artist (and others.)

    Tate Modern you will find very interesting from many points of you, but if you don't like modern art, keep away from it! Lots of lovely "eating places" round there, by the way.

    I would actually get myself a good guide and list places of interest, and I'm sure you already have one.

    The squares are beautiful (Trafalgar, Leicester, Piccadilly Circus, but don't go there at night!) I always love seeing Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge (I once drove over the Bridge, on my provisional driving licence- very brave of me!)

    My husband and I once went all the way to Highgate to visit the grave of Karl Marx ... it was an incredible experience!

    If you go down Notting Hill, don't forget to visit Portobello Market. If, by chance, you should meet Hugh Grant, in Notting Hill, could you wrap him up and send him to me? You have my address...

    Thank you!




  6. Thank you for following my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment! Now following your blog. I'll be back often. Have a wonderful weekend. Nice to meet you.