Monday, January 2, 2012

French Oysters

We invited our friends for French oysters between Christmas and New Year. It was such a special evening. Paul opened the oysters with an oyster knife and a glove as the shells can be quite sharp. We had Champagne with them and buttered rye bread. After a little pause we served a cheese platter with French cheeses accompanied by red and white grapes, nuts and  red wine. The bread I served I had baked myself. It was that crunchy wonderful bread of which you'll find the recipe here. One friend could not take part so our boys went to her home and opened some oysters for her... so she could at least try some of these beauties...

Wishing you a wonderful day!
♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Christa... oysters are my favourite shellfish. I could eat lots of them. Your French ones look lovely! They are just like the Italian ones. I must say, though, English and Irish oysters are so huge and wonderful and really the best! There are places ten minutes from my house where you can buy them, fresh from the sea... I love them!

    Christa, where I come from, in Italy, we eat a lot of raw seafood, including octopus and cuttle fish, not to mention sea urchins, which are delicately filled with seaweed, inside the spikey shell. I love them, too! So good and healthy!

    Now you have made me hungry! Your oysters look very yummy and I must have some, soon!




  2. What divine photos.. champagne and oysters to fill in the gaps week My mother used to love oysters.. i prefer them cooked.
    You served them like a professional Christa..
    lovely blog..
    have a good Monday..2nd jan
    best wishes val

  3. Your pictures are so artful, and it looks like a lovely celebration!

  4. Die Fotos sind toll, aber Austern mag ich nicht!
    Einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!