Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to stay creative

If you have asked yourself how to stay creative then here are 33 good ways:

As the surrounding plays an important role, I found the appropriate working space for you:

I guess there is nothing that holds you up now!

Go, go go and have fun!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

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  1. Haha, ich denke wenn ich ordentlicher wäre hätte ich mehr Zeit für Kreativität.
    Aber es ist mir leider nicht gegeben und so muß ich die Hälfte der Zeit mit aufräumen, wegräumen und anderen doofen Sachen verbringen;-)
    Was soll´s, bin halt ich!

  2. Dear Christa ,

    You can not imagine how i needed to read these words today.. We need to be reminded of these things in our life now and was one.
    One really stops and reads them.. amazing..
    Thank you so much.. I like it.
    Happy Thursday.
    hugs val x x x x

  3. We actually have that list hanging on the walls at the office where I work. I love to check it out if I feel a little uninspired :)
    xx Marie