Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday love

My love today is Cabbages and Roses
I feel like re-doing our whole apartment and these wonderful, beautiful things would come in handy... 
Well, it is spring and I feel like a caterpillar who wants to become a butterfly - all new!

So I am looking for the extraordinary today!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Cabbages and roses have such beautiful images. Spring is my favourite time of year. Have a lovely weekend. Leahx

  2. Hej,
    das ist genau der Look den ich sooooooo sehr mag!
    So schöne Bilder, nur leider in meinem Haus nicht umsetzbar.

  3. These natural colors are so lovely!
    Wonderful inspiration!

    ♥ Franka

  4. I noticed a bottle of Acqua San Pellegrino (the most worldwide known-Italian- mineral water) on the windowsill! I like it!

    They are lovely photos, Christa... in an ideal world it would be lovely to have a house full of things which are put there to look beautiful! And they do look very, very nice!

    Nice images, Christa! THANKS! I like looking at beautiful things!

    I'm off to make a chocolate semifreddo... beautiful shades of brown, light and dark... strawberries dipped in silky chocolate... white chocolate coated cherries! YUM!

    PS: WORD VERIFICATION FOR MY COMMENT IS: OBJECTIO THROO. Do you think Harry Potter has anything to do with it?



  5. I love that rustic white cabin/cottage look.

  6. Dear Christa - you see room sets like these and feel as if you need to start all over again. The look is so fresh for the Spring. Hope you managed to achieve the extraordinary today!

  7. I love the Cabbages and Roses stuff, so pretty an vintage looking. Have a great weekend. I tried to comment on your last post but couldn't do it. The fairy clothes book is totallt fascinating, and I wonder how thw guy ever got into doing that? Love Linda x