Saturday, February 11, 2012

A taste of Italy - part 2


Once again I tried a recipe from Anna of A taste of Italy. This time it was Ragu`alla Genovese. A dish that needs simmering for three hours. I love dishes that need long cooking. It is so cozy to have something on the stove that is waiting for the beloved ones. Furthermore the Ragu is soul- and heartwarming and just what one needs to overcome these frosty days and nights. We were not disappointed at all, in contrary, we were more than rewarded! We  felt as though we were in an Italian restaurant somewhere in the backcountry of Liguria. While eating nobody talked - all I heard were exclamations like

aahhs! and oohhs! and delicious! and yummy! and wonderful!... 

Words cannot describe what our tongues tasted! I really recommend to prepare that dish of which you'll find the recipe here. The meat we ate with salad and bread. The bread was homemade (my son had prepared the dough and I had baked in the afternoon). Please try the recipe. The bread is so tasty and crunchy and such a treat of goodness! We bake one at least twice a week. No more bread from a store! Find the recipe here
It needs a bit of planning but it is not at all difficult.

Thank you Ann(n)a! You are an angel to share all this with us!

  ♥ Emilie's daughter  

PS. Dear Anna: These dishes are real and not knitted! ;o)


  1. Oh wow it all looks and sounds delicious,
    I am getting hungry now.

    Aren't you the lucky lady having a son who makes you bread dough
    my two just make a mess!!!



  2. It all looks lovely and so inviting.. Anna's recipies are fantastic.
    I havent had the family since not able to try anything out yet..
    The bread looks delicious.
    val's alentejo

  3. Dear Christa... I must say: VERY WELL DONE! It looks really delicious. I'm glad you were able to follow my recipe and make the dish. As you can see, I was right: the dish is so delicious, but you don't know how delicious until you smell and try it!

    Thank you for following my blog and thank you for trying out so many of my recipies. I'm glad you like them so much that you actually cook the dishes. Wonderful!

    Your pasta looks very yummy and the bread... so beautiful! I've copied the recipe and I'll try it!



    PS: Sure it's not knitted?


  4. I'm tempted to try this--it's cold and snowing a little--a good day for slow cooking. Thank you for sharing the recipe and her blog too. I was in Liguria fall--so much beauty and history and good food.