Tuesday, May 22, 2012

London doors

Very elegant...

The floor looks like a carpet

I would grow a rose over this bow...

The lamp, the pillars and the roof are majestic...

Did you notice the door knocker and the shoe cleaner...

A beautiful, kingly red

Some plants and may they be only small, make such a positive difference

Love that long pathway...
Looks like someone is home

Love it!
Yes! Yellow is so modern!

Just call me if there is an apartment for rent...

Any vacancy?

 It is not very fanciful to photograph the doors in London. 
Everyone does it when visiting this fantastic city. 
BUT as soon as one sees all those different entries one just can't do otherwise.
These photos were mainly taken in Nottinghill on the occasion of our visit in January.
 When I look at them now I do no think it was such a big mistake...

I hope you'll have a lovely day.

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Dear Christa - doors around the world are a great attraction. I suppose it is because it is the first introduction to our homes. We like the brass to be shinning and at Christmas a lovely wreath hung on it.
    On mine own front door, I have a woven twig wreath heart, which I hope indicates that people are welcome.

  2. Dear Christa,
    This is increbible. I am sometimes at a loss as what to write on a post. Only last night after my trip out yesterday, did I think.. Ahh I know.. i will go around the village and take some photos of the old doors..new modern old, ancient. they have something charming and inviting about them.
    I must say.. i love doors, your photos are super. (more of London please) Second, I love london. My daughter lived in Nottinghill during her university and some working years, and my son and wife lived in Islington area. So I often visited London. I was also in Kensington for 10 days 2 years ago.. looking after my grandchildren.
    sending you big hugs Christa..
    xx happy tuesday

  3. Christa... I love the photos! And that big 47: it's MY HOUSE NUMBER! Those black and white tiles are just gorgeous!
    Christa, I think we might share a little passion, as I love doors, especially old ones... and windows! I take so many pictures of windows and balconies, in Italy, you have no idea! I could publish a book of photos of windows I have taken all over Rome. I know why I like them so much: i am very nosy... if there;s a hole in a fence, I look through it. And I love it when you walk past a window and you can see what the people are doing inside, the sometimes beautiful furniture and just... life going on. And I know you like doing that, too, Christa? How's your eccentric neighbour, by the way? I remember you telling me about this man making coffe in his kitchen...



  4. Hello Christa,

    These are fabulous photographs! I used to work in Notting Hill, and even though I passed doors like these every day on my way to work, I was always in awe of their beauty and style! I love a smart entrance and a beautifully painted door. Especially stucco fronted Georgian houses like these - my idea of perfection!
    Wonderful images - well done!
    Paula x

  5. Most of these doors are really top quality and nice looking. I have a blog friend who frequently writes about doors.


  6. I have a fanscination for doors too, I have been taking a few photos of my favourite ones to include in a blog in the future. I think it's not only that each door can be so different but also I like to imagine of what life is like behind that door! Thank you for a different view of London.
    Sarah x

  7. I love black doors!!They are so majestic..!!Though the yellow one...is actually great!!!Fabulous post Christa!!xx

  8. All are the doors is looking wise best and i really like it this type of doors....

  9. Interesting post, i often take pictures of doors and gates :)



  10. These photos made me remember of the famous movie, “The Parent Trap”. I love London. Everything looks neat and relaxing. I love the strong impact of the plain aesthetic and simple design of the doors and the entryways.

    Ronald Miller