Monday, May 28, 2012

Our walk today...

Hubby and I very often walk along river Aare - 
it is a way we very well know and yet it surprises us everytime with something new. 
The landscape changes as the seasons go on. 
That's what it looked today:

Start in swimming area Marzili. Federal Parliament Building in back.

River Aare

Coffee in swimming area Muri - in the back River Aare


Crossing the river over the Auguetbridge

Pic from the bridge direction Bernese Oberland

Pic from the bridge direction Berne

Tidiness and Cleanliness = Enjoyment

People enjoying an easy day out on the meadow Eichholz

Schönausteg - nearly home!

Now we are tired, lay on the sofa with our books and wait till we fall asleep for our afternoon nap.

See you in dreamland!
♥ Emilie's daughter


  1. Very nice pictures and what a beautiful place.


  2. Nothing I enjoy more than a lovely walk through gorgeous countryside, and your walk has it all. The river is a wonderful icy blue which looks very refreshing on this very hot day. Particularly love the photo of the rose with the water gushing in the background♥

  3. Christa... it's all so beautiful and you are very, very lucky, indeed!

    I love what you had for breakfast. I used to eat brioche just like the one on the table, nearly every day, when I was a little girl, in Italy!

    I can taste in my mouth, as I write!

    Thank you for showing us the beauty you are surrounded by. FANTASTIC PLACE!




  4. Hej Christa,
    die Bilder vom Fluß gefallen mir besonders gut!
    Schöne Eindrücke aus der Schweiz, obwohl das Ordnungs-Schild auch gut in Deutschland stehen könnte ;-)

  5. It looks very nice, what is the building in the background of the first picture?


  6. Hi Christa,
    Thank you for the lovely photographs it is so interesting to see pictures from around where you live. Does it take you very long to get out into the countryside? The Parliament building is attractive and as Rosemary said the river does look icy blue. Is the water in the river very cold?
    Sarah x

  7. Hello, Christa
    You had a wonderful walk and nice breakfast. Sure a great place beautifully landscaped as this ,you create a sense of joy and happiness. You're so lucky! .I walked with you .Thank you for this !

  8. Really Christa???Your walks are by the river side there??Ok..I admit it !I envy you..a lot!!!I always wanted walks by the river!!!The place is spectacular!!I send you my love my dear!!xoxo

  9. So beautiful and full of life. I would never get tired of walking there.

  10. Lovely photos glad you had a nice walk.